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Allegro Knoxville Music Studio started as a family-run business. Over the past several years our studio has grown by adding many more teachers and offering many types of new lessons and classes for the community. We truly care about our students and music families and they become like family to us. Many of our students start as preschoolers and stay with us until they graduate high school. At Allegro Knoxville Music Studio we want it to be a positive and caring experience for our students. We strive to help them grow musically, intellectually, emotionally and to develop self-esteem and confidence in our students. Our experienced teachers are committed to finding creative ways to keep their students motivated to practice and succeed. We want to empower students with musical skills that will serve them for a lifetime.​

  • We provide quality music lessons that are engaging, educational, and inspiring. 
  • We treat each student as a unique individual and design a personalized learning environment that will best meet their learning styles.

  • We value our students and families and work hard to achieve a good working relationship between teacher, student and parent. When we work together we are able to provide the most positive and rewarding experience.
  • We provide a well-rounded curriculum. We believe in teaching our students different styles of music, about composers, techniques and skills, theory, composition, confidence, improvisation, and creativity.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Our students are important to us and they become like family.
  • We offer a variety for our students to help them achieve their musical goals. Some students want to learn to play for their own enjoyment, some want to be a performer, and some want to make it a career or teach. Whatever the reason we can design a plan to help you achieve your musical goals.
  • Most instructors offer free lesson(s) just to come in and see if we are the right studio for your family. It is very important when someone takes lessons that they enjoy taking lessons from their teacher.
  • At Allegro Knoxville Music Studio, we believe the relationship between teacher, student and parent is essential to success in music lessons.
  • We understand that every student has unique needs and abilities, so as teachers we address those needs and maximize their learning potential.
  • We believe everyone should be accepted, included, and encouraged at our studio.
  • We challenge each student to grow, develop, and improve through hard work and practice to the best of their ability.
  • We encourage our students to treat all students with respect and to encourage each other.
  • You can switch from online to in-person lessons as needed for any reason.
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Lessons in Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Violin, Harp, Ukulele, Woodwind, Brass, Tutoring, Preschool to Adult